If you listened to Hillary Clinton's reaction to James Comey announcing he'd found additional emails to investigate, you'd think it was the ninety nineties all over again.  Rumor has it that she's bringing back the 'Vast Right Wing' conspiracy angle. 

So last week at this time, the Republicans were ripping Comey, and now they praise him, the Democrats have done the Mitt Romney and flip-flopped on the FBI Director as well. What's a good lawman to do? Perhaps Walt Longmire is available to help?

All joking aside, this issue continues to erode the credibility of the world's finest law enforcement organization, the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Clinton falsely claimed that Comey sent his letter of reopening the case to only Republicans. That was a complete lie.

Senator Reid is now threatening to prosecute Comey under the Hatch Act. Where's was Good Time Harry in 1992 when the independent prosecutor, Larry Walsh, indicted Cap Weineberger four days before the election? Oh, that indictment was thrown out a month after it was filed.

Did I forget to mention we're almost a week away from the most important election in our lifetime? Have you noticed that size-mic changing events usual happen initially over something petty or avoidable? The battle of Gettysburg began on both sides fighting for shoes. (Here's the link.) The action would result in thousands of lives lost over an event that could've been avoided.

This issue could've been avoided on many levels. If the Clintons were honest, I know that's a stretch. If Huma had not fallen for the charismatic and cosmetically appealing Anthony Wiener. If Wiener had acted like a loving husband instead of a mad texter? (Who doesn't find Anthony Wiener irresistible?)

We could go on and on; the real issue is that the FBI and Director Comey must not pass the buck, like last time and hold the Clinton Cartel accountable. That would be a trick that truly would be a treat for the nation.

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