Congressman Ron Paul has entered the Idaho Republican Gubernatorial Primary by endorsing Ammon Bundy for governor. The Bundy Campaign made the announcement Tuesday night. Paul appeared in a video saying, "He's doing very well, and he's a friend of liberty he's a strict constitutionalist, and I know he would make a great governor."

Ammon Bundy responded with a statement "I am honored to receive the endorsement of Ron Paul for my candidacy to be governor of the state of Idaho. Ron Paul is a living legend and an icon for conservative values and Constitutional purity."

Ammon Bundy for Governor Event

Bundy continued to explain Ron Paul's contribution to liberty and freedom in America. "For decades, Ron has been at the forefront of the fight for liberty, limited government, and the founding principles of our nation. There may be nobody alive today in American politics with more experience, understanding, and historical work for the advancement of these beloved causes than Ron Paul. I am humbled to have his endorsement for my campaign."

Paul's endorsement of Bundy is a signal to all libertarians that Bundy is their guy. Paul has been a tireless warhorse advocating for constitutional freedoms and a return to financial solvency. Idaho has a hidden yet strong libertarian influence in its politics. Idahoans are found of settling things on their own rather than relying on government solutions to Gem State problems.

Paul's endorsement of Bundy follows another high-profile endorsement from Roger Stone, a well-known presidential advisor. Stone has a history in presidential politics going back to his work in the Nixon White house.

The endorsement of Paul for Bundy, President Trump for Janice McGeachin signals that Idaho's political influence exceeds far beyond our Gem State borders.

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