You know the old saying about acting your age?  Although he was approaching his nineties, Regis Philbin never acted his age.  We lost the multi-talented mega star over the weekend. Philbin was beloved by everyone.  He was brilliant for his self deprecating humor along for his love of the University of Notre Dame.   Stars of television, broadway, and movies have expressed their love of Regis.

Unlike today's late night entertainers, Regis Philbin did not become a partisan by attacking politicians.  His appeal was that of an inquisitive uncle who was always cheering for you. The guy was larger than life.  While most folks are considering retirement or living at the beach, Regis was at his peak of his popularity hosting 'Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?'  The show was so popular it aired several nights a week on ABC Television.

Usually game shows are syndicated and regulated to non-prime time hours.  Philbin was known for his day time show Live for 23 years.  First with Kathy Lee Gifford and then with Kelly Ripa.  The chemistry between Gifford and Regis will never be replicated on daytime television.

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