President Trump today announced today at the White House that his first duty is to protect the American people. He cited the statistics of rising crime rates in major American cities during an address to the country.  The president said 'that yesterday alone, 20 people were shot in Chicago.'  He went on to break down how many were shot and killed in Chicago.  The windy city is not alone in crime going up.  "It's so sad to see, how these lives have been torn apart," he said.

The role of police has been discussed and debated as cities across the country continue to look at defunding police departments.  President Trump said that he will not stand by and watch this 'rampage of violence.'   He announced that the Department of Justice will send a surge to the city of Chicago including the FBI, DEA and other law enforcement officials.  "We will find them and prosecute them and they will be in jail for many, many years."

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