If you were to select an Idahoan at random and ask them this question: “Do you love Idaho or hate Idaho?” How do you think they’d respond? The chances of them expressing a deep and admirable affection for the Gem State are incredibly high.

Is Idaho respected or hated?

Most people are very proud to be from Idaho and to live in Idaho, and thankfully, we don't seem to have any many problems with our neighboring states either.

Recent findings from Zippia highlight the sentiments towards states across America, particularly the most (and least) hated states in the country, from the perspective of both from residents and neighboring states.

What can we find out about Idaho?

Idaho has officially emerged as one of the least disliked states, ranking at 47 on the list.

That means Idaho is one of the least-hated states in America. Keep scrolling for how rude Idaho is and a list of "12 Ridiculous Myths About Idaho That People in Other States Believe."

As for the most hated states in America, Illinois was rated the most hated by their own people, and California was rated the most hated state by other states. And we're sure that in the polls they used for their research Idaho was probably of those states who hate California.

Overall, the findings reflect a deep admiration and respect for Idaho, with residents (and neighboring states) largely appreciating the state's natural beauty and way of life. Keep scrolling for how rude Idaho is and 12 Ridiculous Myths About Idaho That People in Other States Believe 👇

How Rude is Idaho and Our Surrounding States?

Lifestyle magazine Best Life released a list of all 50 states ranked from the nicest to the rudest and while the gem state didn't get the top spot, the top 10 isn't great. Our neighboring states scored far kinder than we did.

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