Road trips are an incredible way to enjoy parts of the country that often gets missed. The freedom of the open road can be therapeutic. Road trips can be fantastic for bonding or great to do alone and explore at your leisure. When I was 21 I moved from Tucson Arizona all the way up to Anchorage Alaska. I drove. By myself. It took 5 days. I stopped most nights to sleep in my car because I was broke at the time. I saw herds of buffalo, massive fields of wildflowers, farming fields and massive mountain peaks. I drove through mountains to coastline and everything between. There were times when I didn't see another car, person or building for hours, and hours and hours. From then on I was hooked on road trips. I love them and since living in Idaho the last few years have absolutely loved checking out the stunning highways, byways and backroads that Idaho has to offer.

Town and Country recently came out with a list of The 60 Most Scenic Drives in America. The beautiful gem state made the list with our Northwest Passage Scenic Byway. "Beginning in Lewiston, follow U.S. Highway 12 to the Idaho-Montana border until you reach the city of Grangeville. For the next four-and-a-half hours, you'll follow the route of Lewis and Clark's Corps of Discovery, so you're bound to see some great America sights through the ancestral homeland of the Nez Perce Native Americans."

According to Visit Idaho, you can also expect to see some wildlife on the drive. "Northwest Passage Scenic Byway is Idaho’s longest byway, which at 202 miles, follows the route Lewis and Clark took through north-central Idaho."

If you want to get a little farther on your road trip here are the drives that our neighboring states ranked the best for Town and Country:

Montana - The Drive: Going-to-the-Sun Road
Nevada - The Drive: Highway 50
Oregon - The Drive: Historic Columbia River Highway
Utah - The Drive: The “Scenic Drive” through Capitol Reef National Park
Utah - The Drive: All-American Road
Washington - The Drive: Cascade Loop
Washington - The Drive: The Olympic Peninsula Loop
Wyoming - The Drive: Snowy Range Scenic Byway

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