If you live in the Treasure Valley, you've at least seen one episode of Boise Boys on HGTV.  If not, you've either been living under a rock, or you moved here a few weeks ago.

If so, welcome to Boise, and you should really watch an episode of Boise Boys!  The home flipping show is based here and features Timer + Love's Clint Robinson and Luke Caldwell.  I can't prove it, but their television show may be responsible for the city's growth over the past couple of years.  The program is essentially an hour-long commercial for living in the City of Trees.

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The next time you have out-of-town guests or you just want to get away from your house for a night, you can stay in a place that was renovated on the hit show or by the show's stars.  Or, if you happen to be traveling to Hawaii, you can stay in a house owned by one of the Boise Boys.  Here are current listings of homes with a connection to our hometown reality stars.

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These four homes were renovated by the Boise Boys on the show or off the show. We will give you the episode number and current rental price for each of these Airbnb's.

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