This week Boise will celebrate the 31st Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic. A few years ago, we lost the founder of the event Scott Spencer. Mr. Spencer was a driving ambassador for the balloon communities throughout the world. He had a passion for balloons that would never be replicated. This year's balloon classic will be the first without our beloved friend KTVB Meteorologist Larry Gebert.

The event has been renamed the Scott Spencer Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic to honor its founder. Friday organizers will remember Mr. Gebert for his endless support of the classic over the years.  Mr. Gebert died of a massive heart attack on April 1, surrounded by his family.Laurie Spencer shared with us the details of this event.

"It is our pleasure and privilege to be able to honor him with a tribute flight on Friday morning," she said.  "We will have one balloon that is inflated in the middle of the field.  We will say a few words about Larry and the balloon will lift off carrying three pennants.  As the balloon takes off they will gently wave in the wind.  It's something we'd like to honor his family with, please come down to the field around 720 or 730 Friday morning."

Larry Gebert covered the Balloon Classic for over thirty years.  He and Scott Spencer were quite a pair.  The community continues to mourn the passing of both Mr. Spencer and Mr. Gebert.  The Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic will dominate the Boise skies for this week.

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