The news is not good in the Gem State.  It's even worse for those folks who expended their political and financial capital backing a state exchange for our great state.  The numbers have just come in for month two of Obama Care comes to Idaho.  A whopping 1,730 Idahoans have joined the exchange.  I don't know how they can begin paying for something that still has so many glitches in it.  Then again, we've been paying for the affordable care act for years before it went into effect.  Now the rubber has hit the road at our expense.  Speaking of expense.  Here's a breakdown thanks to the Associated Press.

The feds have paid Idaho roughly 68 million dollars to start and begin operations of the Death Star....whoops ...the state exchange.  The operating budget is about a million dollars a month.  (Remember this is for a system that mirrors the feds.  It's not independent and has caused massive amounts of frustration and stress for all of us.)  Again thanks to the AP for this gem, 60,000 a month goes to the exchange's private lawyers.  If the system is lawful, why so many lawyers?

There are a few other details that we'll save for another time.  What's the return on the millions of dollars spent and all the angst the system has created?  The feds believe Idaho will have 40,000 enrollees by the end of year one.  After two months, 1,730 folks have signed up for the exchange.  Unless the exchange gains the popularity of a record Power Ball

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drawing, chances are the goal will fall far short of its target.  Is it time for someone, perhaps our federal or state officials, to take another look at the exchange?

That would make sense.  What Idaho and the country needs is a leader who understands the plight of people getting screwed by this monstrosity.  How can the peoples officials stand by helplessly while their fellow Americans lose their health insurance or pay more for the same policy.  America was founded on the principal of self determination.  It's time we determine that the state exchange must go.  Politicians tell us they hate Obama Care but we need to accept it because that's the world we live in.  How can we afford to accept it?

We can't and it's time to spread the good news across Idaho and the country that Obama Care has to go!


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