President Trump
Alex Wong/Getty Images 

Last week, President Donald Trump met with leader from both house of Congress and both political parties.  Refreshingly, impeachment, Attorney General William Barr, and the Mueller Report were not discussed.  In fact, it looked like finally the politicians would actually be doing the work they promised voters that they get done during the campaign season.  A plan and a price tag were put together to finally fix the country's infrastructure consisting of roads, bridges, and other structures that need to be fixed fast.

Considering how much America is dependent, whether for recreation or commerce on its roads, this meeting was long overdue.  Think of how many trucks use our highways to get goods to stores or how many cars will be on the road this Summer traveling to vacations near and far.

The infrastructure plan announced following a meeting between the White House and Democratic leaders is drawing opposition from the President's party.  Republican lawmakers take issue with the $2 trillion price tag.

MSNBC reports Sen. Shelly Moore Capito (R-W.Va) calls it "pie in the sky."  North Carolina Republican Rep. Mark Meadows questions "where the pay-fors will come from."And Missouri GOP Rep. Sam Graves concisely says "it's a tremendous amount" and has "no" chance of passing.

Does the thought of the government spending another $2 trillion on anything leave an empty feeling in your stomach? How the the bill be paid?

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