Senate Republicans unveiled their version of the healthcare plan today and former President Obama is mad.  Here's what the bill means to you and your family.  Published reports state that, like the House Bill, the Senate version will give the state's the right to pass on the government's mandates.  The Senate's plan brought former President Barrack Obama out of retirement to criticize his signature legislation.  He took to Facebook to rally support against the end of Obama Care. (No word from Michelle at the time of this posting.)

The mainstream media is reporting that at least three Republican Senators are not down with the proposed legislation.  Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky has called it Obama Care Light.

Here's the initial breakdown of the bill thanks to the objective folks at Politico:

Pre-existing would be covered like in Obama Care.  The bill would allow states to decide how much they will cover.

Insurance tax credits will stay for two years and then be scaled back.  Cost sharing subsidies would be continued for poor folks, but not at Obama Levels.

The end of the infamous Obama Insurance Mandate.  Companies would be free not to offer insurance to their workers.

Like the House Plan, old people will have to pay more, five times more than the young people.  This will not be seen as progress by the AARP that supported Obama's Legislation.

States that expanded Medicaid will have their funding for three years.  It will then be reduced to pre-expansion levels.  Idaho was not one of the over thirty states that grew their Medicaid Budgets.

Speaking of the states, in 2020, they get the right to decide how to spend their Medicaid Money.  The program is currently a block grant that comes from the Feds.  States will have the power in 2025 to require recipients to work to get their benefits.

The new program will not pay for abortions and most of the Obama Taxes will be eliminated.  For a more complete breakdown, here's the link to the Politico story here.

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