At a National Conservatism Convention, a Boise State University Professor did not hold back on his feelings/opinion towards the feminist movement.

Professor Doctor Yenor held a 15-minute speech at the convention to discuss the evolution of the family and how it has transformed in both positive and negative ways throughout history. Now, this sounds like a harmless and educational speech but it consisted of anti-feminist rhetoric that lit a flame as a short clip of his speech went viral.

This has opened up discussions surrounding the topic of the importance of family, what family “values” mean, and the results of feminism.

While I’m sure Doctor Yenor’s speech was not meant to offend, it sure has struck a chord in many pro-feminism individuals. Especially working women who suffer the daily battle of criticism of being a working Mom from people who share Doctor Yenor’s beliefs on the subject.

The point, from what I gathered from his 15-minute speech, is that if a woman makes a career a priority, her family will suffer which means a weakened family and ultimately poorly raised children. So, for this reason, we should go back to traditional family dynamics.

As every American has the right to free speech, the University and those alike have honored the professor’s rights and neutralized employment actions with the professor.

The professor stated that his point of the speech was that feminist culture has pushed women away from marriage and family life to pursue a "mid-level career." I don’t know about you, but I know personally the power of a woman who can, and does, do both. And a lot of them exist right here in Idaho. My mother, who has 6 kids and has worked now almost 30 years as a nurse, included.

It has been also offensive to many men - saying that they need to step up and “take responsibility” again as Yenor says in his speech. Many men who work and are a father (or are stay-at-home dads) have taken great offense as their roles in their family aren’t seen as taking responsibility and may lead to a damaging family dynamic and a poor future according to Yenor.

There is also a third party who agrees with Doctor Yenor, saying we need to go back to our primal ways as that’s how civilizations flourished back in the day. This belief is that with a traditional family dynamic, we can grow better children and therefore a better future for our society.

You can watch his full speech and form your own opinion below!

Here is the full video:


Here is the viral tik tok:

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