This past weekend featured a lot of political hot air in the great Midwest.  The crowded field of Democratic 2020 hopefuls spent the weekend in Iowa as they gear up for primary season. The candidates were in town for the Iowa State Fair, meeting with voters, attending the annual Democratic Wing Ding dinner, and delivering speeches at the fair's "Political Soapbox". The only major candidate not in attendance was Beto O'Rourke, who remained in his hometown of El Paso in the wake of the recent mass shooting.

Candidates are expected to spend a lot of time campaigning in Iowa ahead of its annual caucus, the nation's first, in February. This is a rite of passage for all presidential candidate in both parties.  Iowa holds the first presidential caucus followed by the nation's first presidential primary in New Hampshire which usually follows within a week of the caucus.

Several Democrats took the opportunity to bash President Trump while promising to keep Americans safe by passing more gun control legislation.

What do you think of so many candidates eating pork chops in Iowa?  Does it make sense for candidates to spend so much time campaigning in Iowa instead of traveling around the entire U.S.?  Should the primary system be re-worked so the early states aren't so important?




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