Idaho drivers are losing their patience. Have you noticed how aggressive drivers in our area have become? Getting to work or anywhere without being bullied on our roads has become a challenge. Have you noticed the new phenomenon where drivers pull out into oncoming traffic without warning or proper distance?

This weekend, I experienced a truck that sped up, hoping to t-bone a vehicle I was while turning onto a road. The driver gave me the one-finger salute as he sped away. His behavior was something that most folks would expect in California, not the Gem State.

Why Are Idaho Drivers So Crazy?

One of the biggest deterrents to road rage, speeding, and other crazy behaviors is to have more police on the streets. You don't have to be a nuclear scientist to see that police officers who monitor vehicle speeds cause folks to obey the speed limit.

Idaho lacks law enforcement personnel to cover the state's highways, county and city roads. Without the police watching, more folks misbehave.

Dangerous Intersections

One of the first safety tips that Idaho drivers learn is to look both ways when at an intersection, regardless of whether or not it's a four-stop or a traffic light. It's common practice to run red lights because drivers are hurrying and forget about others' safety.


Tailgating has increased in our state due to drivers' little empathy for those in front of them. Tailgating causes additional stress and accidents. Most Idahoans do not tailgate; however, as more and more folks move here, we'll see more tailgaters.

Safe Driving

The solution is to practice what we preach. We complain about aggressive drivers, but how often have we acted the same way? Hopefully, more folks will refrain from road rage and drive responsibly. Is that a New Year's Resolution?

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