We all have crazy outrageous driving stories. Whether it's reckless driving, tailgating, or running red lights, Idaho drivers have experienced it all. Have you ever wondered how our state compares to the nation's worst drivers? Are Gem State Drivers the nation's worst, or compared to other states, are we one of the better states for drivers?

Let's take a look at whether Idaho is one of the top state for worst drivers thanks to the folks at quote wizard. The company looked at four factors,accidents, speeding tickets, DUIs, and citations.

Idaho has seen a massive influx of vehicles overloading our country roads that weren't built for the amount of vehicles on our roads today. The legislature continues to say that they will spend more money to fix the roads. However, the amount of new commercial and residential development that continue to be built, it seems like an impossible task.

Without additional transportation, traffic jams, road rage, and other additional traffic accidents will continue to happen. Idaho's state surplus continues to exceed billions of dollars. A few years ago, the state raised the state's gasoline tax pledging to use the additional funds to 'fix the roads.'

The raising of the gas tax did not help Idaho consumers who pay some of the highest price for gasoline in the country. State leadership has not looked at adding additional sources for fuel to drive down Idaho's expensive fuel prices.

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