There’s a hilarious Facebook Group that we follow called Boise - Bad Driver Spotted.

As you can probably imagine, this is really just a wonderful place for the people in the Treasure Valley to absolutely ROAST bad drivers.



And trust us, there is no shortage of posts in this group.

In fact, there are multiple videos and photographs posted every single day, and what does that tell you?

It says that we’ve got to get our sh*t together, Idaho drivers. This is getting embarrassing. 

But lowkey, it also tells us that we should probably invest in a dash cam, because you are all out here absolutely WILDING.


What are the most common mishaps?

Because we are seeing consistent bad driving all around the Treasure Valley, we decided to pull the most common themes that Idahoans have been complaining about.

So listed below are the eight driving mistakes that we are seeing way too frequently, and quite frankly, we’re all getting pretty sick of it.


And if you’re someone that does one or more of the following things…

Be better.

Idaho Drivers: We're All BEGGING You to Stop Doing These 8 Things

Seriously though, enough is enough.

10 Hilarious Reasons Why Idaho Drivers Are The WORST

Unfortunately, these are pretty accurate.

Are You Smart Enough to Pass the Idaho Driver's Test If You Had to Take It Today?

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