In a shocking event at the intersection of Nampa/Caldwell Blvd and Karcher Rd., tempers flared in a road rage incident that left witnessing drivers absolutely stunned, as well as members of the community who have now seen the videos and pictures online.

An enraged woman, passenger of a black Chevy Silverado truck, approached another vehicle with what appears to be a slingshot. We've got the video link and pictures below, what do you think?

According to a video posted on the popular local Facebook group, Boise - Bad Driver Spotted, a woman exited her vehicle and walked across the lanes towards a white minivan with what appears to be a slingshot.

Boise - Bad Driver Spotted on Facebook
Boise - Bad Driver Spotted on Facebook

The conversation they had and the motive behind her actions both remain unclear, but witnesses report that she was visibly aggravated and the slingshot, while not fired, was used in a threatening way.

The video that captured the tense moment clearly displays the woman approaching this vehicle, holding up the slingshot as through to threaten the driver of the white minivan, and then promptly walking back to her vehicle, which is where the video ends.

The footage has sparked a lot of conversations online and throughout the community, both funny jokes and serious concerns.

We are living in very weird times here in the Treasure Valley, and we encourage more safe and friendly driving. You never know what you'll be confronted with on our Idaho roads anymore. If you were confronted by an angry woman with a slingshot while waiting at a stoplight, what would you do?

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