Walt Bayes joined me earlier today to tell his side of the Idaho GOP debate.  The fallout continues as the national media attacks the Gem State.  Thanks to Dan Popkey in the Statesman for being the first to report the yuk fest.   This morning on the Today show the crew decided to give their take on the Idaho Debate Debacle.  If you missed it, here is the crew at 30 Rock having fun at our expense.

In my opinion, Governor Otter is not to blame.  The blame clearly lies with the three groups who organized the debate.  They are The league of Women Voters, The Idaho Press Club, and Idaho Public Television.  These folks are supposed to be the standard for journalism in the Gem State.  No matter how much back patting and phony compliments, it's not a good thing when a candidate dictates who will and who won't appear on stage.

I've gone back and forth with debate defenders who want to blame anyone but themselves.  It would have been much better and the national embarrassment would've been avoided  if this debate would not have happened.  The problem is that the media can't help themselves.

To the cast of the Today Show, Al Roker, Matt Lauer, Tameron Hall, Savannah Guthrie, and Natalie Morales, have you ever been to Idaho?  Then who are you to laugh at us?  That's right, NBC News never gets anything wrong.  It's so much easier to throw stones from an ivory tower than to get the real story.

The media wanted the story and now we all have to deal with their lapse in judgement.  I'm sure that's something that Walt Bayes, Harley Brown, Russ Fulcher, and Butch Otter can all agree on.