Idaho Gubernatorial Candidate Harley Brown returned to speak with Kevin Miller this morning.  Mr. Brown explains why he's running and what he thinks of the media blackout against his campaign.

Mr. Brown explained his concern about debt management at the federal level.  "I'm telling you there's a hemorrhaging of finances at the federal level that needs to stop."  The former sailor gave a specific example of how government spending has grown in the last four years.  "When I ran for governor four years ago, I was complaining about the 17 trillion dollars.  Well  now, four years later, it's up to 21 trillion dollars a year.  It's gotta stop."

The outspoken candidate was realistic about his chances of winning Idaho's top seat.  "It's gonna take divine intervention to get me into the governor's office.  I'm up against some tough competition."

He blames the local media for not giving him access to the airwaves.  "They're letting the other guys go to the debates, but they're treating me like a mirority as Archie Bunker would say."  Mr. Brown vows to continue his campaign and hopes that social media will carry  his message to the people.

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