Boise is the place to be, except if you want affordable housing, conservative government, and low gasoline prices. Despite those pressing issues, the national media is back promoting the city of trees as the nationwide place to be.

The Today Show sent correspondent Harry Smith to Idaho to see why we're so popular. Mr. Smith previewed his story to KTVB's Mark Johnson on the Channel 7 4 pm news. Harry told Mark that he spent several years in the West and that Boise reminded him of Denver fifty years ago.

The series, which will air Wednesday morning called priced out, focuses on how housing prices across the country continue to climb to historical records. Smith told Mark Johnson how surprised he was on the popularity of the Gem State. "Just the sheer numbers that it was in the Idaho Statesman that Idaho is the fastest-growing state in the country," he said. Smith continued, "I've been to Idaho but never made it to Boise.  I can feel folks hanging on in your town because you want to keep what made it so special."

Will the Boise boom transform the city into a new version of Denver? Smith said, "People are super cognizant of what trouble lies out in your future." He expanded on his point by recalling the Boisans he interviewed. "On the other hand, a lot of the people moved because they could live wherever they wanted, a lot of people are saying if you could live anywhere, where would you live because of telecommuting."

"At some, the real estate was so attractive for or five years ago, maybe it will become less attractive, and your growth will start to slow down fingers crossed because you have a perfect town."

Here's Smith's Report from the Today Show.

Idaho has become a popular destination for most national outlets. Boise has rebounded from the housing crisis that drove housing prices down ten years ago. The rise in home values has led to calls for property tax reform. As home values go up, unfortunately, property taxes go up as well.

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