The mainstream media's new narrative against President Trump began this weekend with another appearance from presidential attorney Rudy Giuliani on two of the Sunday talk shows.Giuliani was asked several times about his thoughts on whether or not the president 'could pardon himself' if indicted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.  The former mayor answered the question that yes, the president could pardon himself, but would be most likely be impeached if that occurred.

The headlines from the interview declared that Trump would pardon himself.  The media continues to search for a narrative that would dislodge the president from his loyal base that continues to support him.

President Trump never said that he would pardon himself.  The stories from the press are all speculation.  In fact, the president's staff continues to make the valid case that the special prosecutor has nothing to validate continuing his investigation.

All though you won't hear that coming from the mainstream press anytime soon.

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