Today is eclipse day in America. Do you remember when eclipse mania gripped Idaho and the nation in 2017? Life was different in America back then; Butch Otter was the governor of Idaho, and Donald Trump was the president of the United States?

Unlike this year's eclipse, the Gem State was in the much-talked-about patch of totality. Some folks believed it was time for the end of the world, and people spent thousands of dollars for a few minutes of alleged darkness.

The eclipse was a big money maker for homeowners, apartment owners, hotel operators, and anyone who had real estate to rent, lease, or borrow for folks paying enormous sums of money during eclipse mania in Idaho and throughout the country.

The town of Weiser, Idaho, spent a lot of money to create a festival that invited thousands to enjoy the 'once-in-a-lifetime' experience. Unfortunately, no one showed up costing the city a lot of money. People are using this event to once again waste their time and money on an event that may last three minutes. Most cynics ask, why would you waste your time when you can watch it on television or online?

Will the nation learn from our Idaho experience? That is not likely, as most people get caught up in the media narrative. We all need a distraction; perhaps the East Coast Eclipse will live up to the hype. The good news is that this is the last time, at least for the next twenty years, that America, on either coast, will be in the 'path of totality.' Or until the next media wave hypes the eclipse. Does anyone know when Haley's Comet will return?

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