Weiser, Idaho is the place to be if you want to get the best view of the once in a lifetime solar eclipse.  If you're traveling to Weiser, or thinking about it, here's what's going on this weekend.  Plus photos.

Kevin Miller
Jacob Sternberg / KIDO Talk Radio


It's a wild weekend in Weiser.  The community has rallied together to create a number of activities to entertain and inform.

Friday action begins with a market place for Vendors downtown,  a wine festival, a classic car show, a beer garden and entertainment, plus an art show and some local dancing.

Saturday gets started with breakfast at the community center, a Sun Fun Run, Street Carnival, Vaudeville at the Star Theater, a bike show, a nighttime movie and other activities.

Sundays rolls on with breakfast at the community center, fishing at the city pond, brunch and pie sale at the Elk's Lodge, a golf tournament and other activities.

Monday pre eclipse begins with a pancake feed before history unfolds.

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