For many years, Idaho was one of the nation's top economic and population growth states. The state that was once dubbed 'off the grid' became the place to move to, which was accelerated due to the pandemic and the creation of the remote workforce. 

Home sales that once led the nation slowed thanks to high inflation and rising interest rates. Suddenly buying $600,000 was more expensive than in previous years. Every year the folks at US News and World Reports publish a report evaluating every union state.

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The report looks at factors such as the economy, diversity of businesses, schools, transportation, crime statistics, etc. Once the information has been gathered from every state, the publication issues its annual report, ' The 2023 Best State Rankings.'

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Idaho's highest category rankings were #2 in fiscal stability, #9 in Crime, and #10 in infrastructure. Only two fellow Northwest states, Utah #1 and Washington #2, were ranked higher than the Gem State.

We're sure you won't find many Idahoans who will agree that those two states deserve to be ranked ahead of Idaho. The state continues to see growth and the challenges of building new homes, schools, and roads to keep up with the growing demand for new and old Gem State workers.

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Idaho continues to grow from the dream of President Lincoln, who dreamed of this faraway state when he signed the bill creating the Idaho Territory in 1863. The state's economy is a mix of the backbone industries of agriculture with the continued expanding tech market led by Amazon, Facebook, and Micron. 

You can read the entire report here. 

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