The cost of eggs is so bad that some have developed a new term for the price hikes calling it 'eggflation.' The cost of everything has grown up during the Biden years, but eggs, a family staple, have risen over 60% in some states. Fox Business reported that Dollar Tree stores had removed eggs from their shelves.

This weekend millions of Americans will host Easter Egg hunts for kids young and old. Many parents and grandparents are worried that their annual Easter Egg hunt will break the budget. Could there be an Easter Egg hunt without Easter Eggs?  

Enter America's favorite food, the Idaho Potato. Potato, you say, for Easter? How would a potato replace an egg? Very quickly, according to several publications that have covered the latest fad, Easter Potatoes. 

Folks are using Idaho's most famous food as an alternative to painting eggs. Can you really paint a potato? If so, how do you paint a potato that will rival or resemble anything that looks like a beautifully colored Easter Egg?

The Washington Times shared the following tips via Potatoes USA: 

The group recommends using a coat of hairspray to "seal the color and keep the dye from bleeding" into the potatoes, whose skins are more absorbent than eggshells.

"The idea of painting potatoes made me laugh, but honestly, it's really fun," said Marisa Stein, the group's director of marketing. "My kids loved experimenting with different designs."

Although potato prices have risen as much as twenty five percent, a big bag of spuds is still more affordable than a dozen eggs. We want to know what you think, please answer the quick question below.


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