Homes like this $8.9 million home don't just simply exist in Idaho without a story behind them. It took us a little while to get to the bottom who built this thing in Hailey. 

According to, the incredible extravagant property has been on and off the market for nearly six years. At no point does their property history show the 16,258 square foot, seven bedroom, six bathroom home actually selling. The pictures in the listing are just dripping in luxury, but it's tough to tell exactly which rooms match up with the incredible aerial shot that caught our eye.

So we searched for a video tour of the property and finally came across the mastermind behind this insanely unique home. The video tour was labeled "Bloom Ranch - Sun Valley." The Bloom the ranch was named after turned out to be one of the most powerful celebrity lawyers in the world, Jake Bloom.

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Bloom is now retired but has represented some of the biggest names in Hollywood including George Lucas, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Nicolas Cage, Bruce Willis and Johnny Depp (who went on to sue Bloom for malpractice in 2017.)

Bloom's firm was involved in some of the most famous celebrity contract negotiations of all time, including the one that helped George Lucas keep the merchandising rights for Star Wars. The deal came together before the first film's release in 1977. As part of the deal, Lucas decided to ask for the rights to any future Star Wars films and all merchandising rights for what would go on to be a wildly successful franchise. He wanted that more than a full salary from the studio. Lucas wasn't after money. He just wanted control of making the movies he wanted to. It just so happened to make him a very, very, very rich man. Some of those original toys still sell up upwards of $100 on eBay today.

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Bloom also famously put together Arnold Schwarzenegger's contract for Terminator 3 that entitled him to more than $29 million whether or not the movie was actually filmed. According to Slate, it also included perks like money to spend on private jets, three-bedroom luxury suites no matter the filming location and a fully equipped gym that could be hauled from location to location during production.

With such an impressive client roster, it's no surprise that Bloom amassed a fortune big enough to have famed architect Fred Fisher design this over-the-top home in Hailey. Several of his clients also owned property there.

It was scheduled to be auctioned off in January 2018 with a starting price of $11 million. We can't find any records of who won that auction or if it even took place. Records seem to indicate that the property is still owned by the Bloom Family Trust.

Bloom's wife is an art enthusiast so its interior design is quirky, colorful and creative. Want to take a look around? Be our guest!

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