You know the old saying, 'I serve at the pleasure of the president.'  Simple but true, that's why Rex Tillerson had to go.  President Trump had become frustrated with his secretary of state.  It had become a game in Washington to see how long Secretary Tillerson would issue a statement that conflicted with a presidential tweet.  There can only be one boss and that boss is President Donald Trump.

The president simply wanted someone who believes in his agenda.  Tillerson's endless clarifications, countering President Trump's statements, reinforced the obvious fact that both sides didn't agree on American Foreign Policy.

Whether you're working in Washington DC or Idaho, you disagree with the boss, then chances are you'll be looking for another job.  Both sides failed to find a unified message when it came to dealing with Russia, Iran, North Korea and Syria.

Mike Pompeo will move from the CIA to replace Tillerson as soon as possible.


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