The national attention on the state of Alabama appears to be over.  Judge Roy Moore is appealing for a recount after his close loss to Doug Jones for the Senate seat vacated by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.  Will Moore surrender and move on?  Having covered him for years, I would say that Roy Moore will fight until he's exhausted all his options.  We'll see what happens when Democrat Doug Jones is sworn in?  The good news, and we're seeing this already is that the president is moving on.

Today President Trump spoke on how the country will benefit if Congress passes his tax reform bill.  He detailed the top rate will go down and believes that it will be the best Christmas Present to the American People.  The Commander in Chief reviewed the economic bounce that the stock market has enjoyed since he took office.

You can watch the video here.

Trump said that he expects the economy to go to levels that the country hasn't seen in years.  So what about Roy Moore?  If the judge had been elected, the coverage would've been nonstop about removing Moore.  Since that's not an issue, the country, the Congress, and President Trump will now focus on how to serve their constituents.

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