In the age of Facebook fights, fake news, and social justice warriors, now more than ever we need to honor our nation's military.

We celebrate Veteran's Day on November 11th every year to honor those who've served in the United States Armed Forces. While we appreciate those brave men and women every day, on Veteran's Day we show them a special appreciation for fighting for our freedom.

This writer's fear is that in a year where everything is offensive and everything is a political issue, our brothers and sisters in the armed forces will be put aside as we continue to bicker to further our personal political views. I'm awaiting the moment when someone posts "Happy Veterans Day" on Facebook only to receive comments like:

I can't believe you support any man or women serving under a president like Donald Trump!


How can you show love for men and women who use the same guns that are killing innocent Americans!?


Women aren't being treated equally in this country. Until that changes, I'm not supporting any man...military or otherwise.

It makes me cringe just thinking about it. While all of those points may or may not be valid, Veterans Day is not a day to push your political agenda or social justice cause on others. It's a day where we say "Thank you" to the selfless and brave men and women who fight day in and day out so we have the freedom to vote, say what we please, and live in a country where we can pursue our dreams. There's no question that America is a divided place right now, and injustice is rampant. However, for one day, we need to put aside our differences and frustrations to pay respect to those who keep us free.

Pentagon Commences Sexual Assault Awareness And Prevention Month
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I'm the grandson of two military veterans. Oscar C. Schill (United States Army), and Robert Chalmers (United States Navy). They both fought in World War II, and lived to tell about it. While they've both since passed, I am proud to be the grandson of two brave Americans who fought so I could be free. I will be honoring them this and every Veterans Day.

Perhaps the day will come when everything isn't offensive, and we can speak our mind without fear of being lambasted on social media. That day isn't today, but on November 11th, our nation's armed forces take precedent.

Happy Veterans Day, and godspeed to all those who've served, who are currently serving, and will serve our great country in the future.

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