If you were excited about the newest Winco location that was planed for the corner of Chinden and Linder in Meridian, get ready to be disappointed. The Meridian Planning and Zoning commission has burst your bubble.

Meridian is the fastest growing city in Idaho and one of the fastest growing cities in the nation. With that distinction comes growing pains and we are seeing some of that play out right now. The Meridian Planning and Zoning Commission denied plans for building a new Winco at the Corner of Chinden and Linder.

According to a story that aired on our partner news channel KTVB, the Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously recommended denial of this proposal as is. There apparently is a whole array of issues with the plan, including traffic, store design, and also how close it is to homes and subdivisions in the area.

The public hearing lasted more than three hours, and many residents from around the area came out in opposition of the project in its current design and location.

The developer says they have already worked out a deal with the Idaho Transportation Department to widen Chinden Road to five lanes and are working to add a traffic light to help reduce some of those traffic concerns.

What happens now? The Planning and Zoning’s recommendation to deny the proposal will now be headed the Meridian City Council which can either reverse the commission’s original decision to deny the application or they can uphold it. There is one other option and that's to return the proposal back to Planning and Zoning for reconsideration.

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