When one thinks of a cow in Idaho, we usually think of drinking milk or eating a great steak. One western state is changing its views on cows by using them for cuddling. That's right, residents in Arizona have now begun to go to 'cow sanctuaries' to hug cows, reports the Washington Post.

Idaho is one of the most cow-friendly states in the country. You can't drive on any road without seeing beautiful Idaho cows grazing in their fields. You'll see some of the world's most famous dairies on your way through Twin Falls. We love our cows in the Gem State.

The Idaho Farm Bureau says that 'Idaho's 425 dairies, with a combined 590,000 cows, produce about 15 billion pounds of milk per year and the state ranks No. 3 in the nation in total milk and cheese production.'

The pandemic has changed so many roles in our lives today. Restrictions have forced folks to make appointments to hug cows. We asked a few Idahoans if they would hug or cuddle a cow. " I grew up on a farm so that I would hug or cuddle a cow," said Boise resident Randy Jones. He continued that the pandemic has caused him to seek more human contact, "I'd say 50% of the time I miss getting a hug."

Meanwhile, in Arizona, folks are traveling to cow-sanctuaries like Aimee's Farm Animal Sanctuary to cuddle a cow. They receive about 20 calls a day from folks wanting to hug their favorite cow. Could we see cow cuddling moving to Idaho? We'll keep you updated when one opens up in the Gem State.

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