Fair or not fair?! You can't work for this company if you smoke and they have a hub right here in Idaho. 

U-Haul has decided to stop hiring people who smoke, but they will not fire people who are already employed by the company and currently smoke.

The policy will be implemented as of February 1st according to an article in eastidahonews.com that dives into the issue.

20 states that hire for U-Haul in addition to Idaho will adopt this same policy.

U-Haul says the new guideline is part of helping team members on their health journey.

If you plan on working for U-Haul you will notice the change in their work application and if you make it to the interview stage you will be questioned about your nicotine use. In addition, in states where testing is allowed, you have to consent to nicotine screening.

What are your thoughts on this policy?

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