The continued fight over whether or not marijuana should be legalized in Idaho will continue to dominate the headlines for years to come.  The recent story concerning hemp legalization is on the beginning of what advocates on both sides say will be a very well publicized intense fight. Law enforcement, along with Kevin Miller, report on the negative impact of states that have legalized marijuana, including the negative side effects of smoking the week.  Pro pot advocates say marijuana is harmless and some have said that smoking pot is good for you.   Could they be right?  Could smoking pot lead you to become a 'healthier person?'

The notion that marijuana users spend most of their time on the couch playing video games isn't true, a study has found.Researchers in Colorado have found that pot smokers are more likely to exercise than people who don't. In fact, many of the 600 people surveyed said they actually work out more when they get high either before or after hitting the gym.

CBS Denver reports seventy percent said it increased enjoyment of exercise, 78 percent said it boosted recovery, and 52 percent said it heightened motivation..  Recently, Idaho Governor Brad Little stated that he is not in favor of legalizing marijuana.  Currently, their is a group that is working to collect enough signatures to allow medical marijuana on the ballot.  If enough signatures are collected, is will be up to the voters of Idaho to decide if medical marijuana will become legal in the Gem State.


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