What's the #1 leading cause of death for us guys here in The Treasure Valley?  You may be surprised!


I thought it'd be cancer.  Maybe accidents, diseases, old age, stress, etc, etc.  I guess stress is getting close to what it really is.  Heart Disease!  Yeah, heart disease is the #1 leading cause of death for men not just in the Treasure Valley, but everywhere.


I don't know if you're this way, but I often worry about getting checked for colon cancer or other issues that commonly become a problem for men.  Every time something's weird or going a bit wrong with my body I worry and think "am I going to die?  Do I have cancer?  What's wrong with me?  I need to get checked."  Sadly, not many are thinking about their heart.  Not sure why, but we don't think of that as being the leading cause of death.  It makes sense that it is.  Your heart is the #1 priority as far as making things work for our bodies.  We should regularly be checking our hearts and making sure if something is wrong, we catch it asap.


High blood pressure is the leading cause of heart failure and strokes.  So that's one area you don't want to mess around with.  Here's some basics you should be doing to make sure you keep that heart in tip, top shape.


  • Schedule a visit with your doctor to talk about heart health
  • Add exercise to your daily routine
  • Increase healthy eating
  • Take steps to quit smoking
  • Take medication as prescribed


For more detailed information, please visit the Center For Disease Control and Prevention

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