Kevin Miller / Townsquare Media

Do you know someone who smokes?  I have a couple of friends and some co-workers who I've been encouraging (read nagging)  to quit for a long time.  Since February is National Heart Month, I've asked some of the experts at St. Luke's what else I could say to encourage them to quit smoking this month.  They gave me a great chart that outlines all of the great things that will happen to you once you quit smoking-besides getting rid of that SMELL!

First of all, when someone quits smoking, it adds between five and ten years to their life.  When they quit, it greatly reduces their chances of lung and heart disease.  You want to keep them around longer, right?

Next they begin to actually taste what food really tastes like -can you imagine how delicious food will be to someone who quits smoking?

Think of all the money they'll save, those packs and cartons add up.  I'm thinking a trip to Hawaii, a new firearm, or money for the college fund.

This month give someone you love who smokes the best Valentine's Day gift they could ever have-- a whole bunch of reasons to quit.

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