Meridian, Idaho, is rapidly emerging as a compelling alternative to Boise for business, residential, and retail growth. For years, Idaho's capital city has reigned supreme in the retail shopping scene, with the Boise Townsquare Mall at the heart of the Treasure Valley. But now, Meridian is stepping up its game.

Today, Idahoans only have to travel to Eagle Road for an easier shopping experience. However, another area of Meridian is about to rival the Village of Meridian's dominance. Unlike the Village, a collection of stores and restaurants, Ten Mile's appeal centers on one store, SCHEELS.


For more details on the unique experiences that await you at SCHEELS, read our story here. If you're wondering what's the attraction, let us share with you the ten reasons that will drive your curiosity and make you unable to resist the appeal of SCHEELS in Meridian.

10 Unbelievably Exciting Reasons To Visit SCHEELS In Meridian, Idaho

10 Irresistible Reasons To Visit Idaho's SCHEELS

Gallery Credit: KEVIN MILLER


Check out the 65-foot Ferris Wheel.

Gallery Credit: Kevin Miller

Meridian SCHEELS Lego Buster to Abe Lincoln

Meridian SCHEELS as everything you need from candy to guns.

Gallery Credit: Kevin Miller


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