The leaves have changed. It's getting dark by 6:50. It's supposed to rain for nearly six days straight. What does all of this mean? 

Technically, it means we're experiencing the few weeks of fall that Boise gets to enjoy before things just get stupid cold. It also means that soup season is upon us! There are few better ways to warm-up after coming in from a chilly walk on the Greenbelt than with a bowl of steaming hot soup and we're sure that you've got your favorite recipes.

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But, let's be honest...there are plenty of fall and winter evenings where your schedule just doesn't allow you to spend hours in the kitchen making sure that homemade soup is just right. So, who can you turn to to satisfy that soup craving? We asked our listeners and these are the places you said you turn to first!

14 Best Places in the Treasure Valley to Cozy Up With a Bowl of Soup

Is it just us or does it seem like Boise's seasons go Spring, Summer, two weeks of Fall, Winter? Temperatures are about to take a nose dive and you know what that means...soup season is upon us! For those evenings where you just don't have time to make dinner, where's the best place to pick-up warm soup? These are 14 favorites, as voted by you!

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