Idaho is the state we all love, whether we were born here or just got off the potato truck at the border. The Gem State is one of the few states where more folks are transplants than natives. Yet our state continues to be one of the fastest-growing states in the country. One must look at the price of rent or homes and know that demand continues to grow for affordable housing in Idaho.

Did you move to Idaho? If so, what were your first impressions? Did you automatically adjust to the life of an Idahoan? Were you used to a slower or faster pace lifestyle? You can always tell folks from the east coast who have just moved to our state. Those people talk really fast, and it takes a while for them to have a reasonable conversation.

Also, although it is growing, traffic in Idaho isn't bad compared to bigger cities in California or New York. You can tell when folks are not from the Gem State or haven't lived here very long. Idahoans always let folks in when traffic is merging, pedestrians always have the right away, and most of us use our turn signals.

Although the Treasure Valley is more populated than the rest of the state, the Boise area is the most remote urban area in the country. We don't have the luxury of a quick trip to Portland, Seattle, or Salt Lake. Most Idahoans travel to our location to get away or visit the 'big city.'

We've compiled 15 other nuggets of information you can relate to if you are living in Idaho or considering moving here.

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