In a trend that has gained a lot of momentum over recent years, Californians are continuing to look for better places to live beyond the Golden State's borders. But what are the top destinations Californians are moving to, and is Idaho one of those states?

According to recent data from the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC), the allure of these neighboring states to California remains strong, driven in part by factors like housing costs and remote work options.

What are the top 3 states people in California are moving to the most?

Photo by Wallace Bentt on Unsplash
Photo by Wallace Bentt on Unsplash

3. Arizona

People from California move to Arizona for its lower cost of living, sunny climate, and outdoor recreational opportunities, including hiking, golfing, and even exploring the Grand Canyon.

Photo by Juliana Malta on Unsplash
Photo by Juliana Malta on Unsplash

2. Nevada

People from California might move to Nevada for its affordability, entertainment scene in cities like Las Vegas, tax advantages, and access to loads of outdoor activities.

And we knew it had to be on the list...

Photo by Courtney Smith on Unsplash
Photo by Courtney Smith on Unsplash

1. Idaho

Idaho, known for its beautiful landscapes and booming tech industry in cities like Boise, has seen a significant influx of former Californians seeking a more affordable and serene lifestyle. Similarly to the sunny deserts of Arizona and Nevada, Idaho also offers a lot of outdoor activities.

While California continues to lose residents, the neighboring states of Idaho, Arizona, and Nevada have been the main beneficiaries of this migration trend, and the appeal of these states continues to be their affordability and diverse opportunities for employment and recreation.

Notably, Oregon, Utah, Texas, and Florida also receive mentions as popular destinations for people moving from California.

What about Idaho? Where do people from Idaho move to the most?

Top 3 States People from Idaho Move to the Most

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