Edward Snowden has been vilified by the press and government in this country.  His treatment proved the point that big media and big government are now working hand in hand.  Welcome to the age of disinformation.    The proof is the stories that were ignored or brushed over that clearly impacted the lives of all Americans.  Let's run down the list of storied that should have burned brightly during 2013.

The stalking of James Rosen of Fox News and Cheryl Attkisson of CBS News. 

Rosen made the mistake of actually doing his job.  The Chief Washington Correspondent was investigating a story involving North Korea and national security.  This got the attention of the department of justice that admitted that they approved a warrant to tap Rosen's computer, phone, and everything else.  The DOJ said straight faced that Rosen was not a suspect.  Later they admitted they initially believed the Fox journalist was a co conspirator committing possible treason?  Where was the outrage or the reaction?  We're still waiting...

Attkisson was investigating Fast and Furious.   Her efforts for uncovering the truth was the  government tapping her computer and every other electronic devices.  No one was held accountable because big media decided not to cover the loss of privacy.  Wink, wink, nod, nod, the fix was in.

The IRS and other government agencies investigating Americans without cause. 

Journalist were not the only ones that suffered the loss of privacy.  This year it was revealed that the IRS target conservative groups because of their advocacy of issues.  Somehow I'm not hearing anyone reference the enemies list that we heard about during Watergate and other scandals.  Thousands of Americans were targeted and persecuted by their government and no one covered it.  I'm sure we would've had the same coverage if a republican were in office.

We all lose when the fourth estate does not do its job and becomes an echo chamber for the government.  How can we self govern ourselves when the very guardians of freedom bow to drinking the big government Kool Aid?  When their is no accountability from the press, government is empowered to continue to grab power.  We see that now with the NSA and their relentless invasion of our freedom.  I'm sure someone in Virginia or Utah will read this blog before you do.

Ever wonder why whistle blower Edward Snowden has not granted an interview to an American reporter?  Snowden knows the fix is in and would rather disseminate his information to reporters living in countries that don't have the

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freedom of the press that we do here.  Why talk to a reporter that will grill you with White House talking points instead of someone who will publish the story.

We all owe a tremendous debt to Edward Snowden understood what was happening to America and did something about it.  Journalism maybe dead but it's folks like Snowden that could bring it back to life.  Let's hope so in 2014.  Our Republic depends on it!

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