California continues to gain national attention for all the wrong reasons. You don't have to live in Idaho very long to hear various stories concerning what's wrong with the Golden State.

Although one of the country's most treasured states, Californians continue to leave a state where many were born and have lived for several generations.

Texas, Nevada, Idaho, and other states have benefited from folks being fed up with the lack of leadership from California Governor Gavin Newsom. Many experts believe he will be the eventual Democratic nominee for president even though Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are still in office.

As we see more and more Californians moving to Idaho, we decided to comply with a list of reasons why folks who have the opportunity to move to California should think twice. Or better yet, pass on living in a state that was once the envy of the world but now resembles a third-world country.

Governor Newsom spent over $100,000 on an ad campaigning ripping the state of Florida over the state's conservative values. The governor didn't address the expanding homeless in the Golden State.

We sincerely hope Governor Newsom will read our article and, with the California Legislature, rescind their crazy laws or pass new ones on saving a once great state. Selfishly we Idahoans believe if California was fixed, we'd have more of our state to enjoy!

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