Fall is beautiful, and many of us are enjoying the amazing, crisp air. However, Fall also comes with a challenge each year for homeowners – the invasion of Fall bugs.

One look on community Facebook pages here in the area and you'll notice a bunch of posts asking for solutions, as people are experiencing these "bug-invasions" now. These unwelcome guests are seeking refuge from the dropping temperatures, and your warm, cozy homes is the perfect hideaway.

So, what do we do?

First and foremost, it's crucial to seal any cracks and gaps on the exterior of your home, as well as fix any leaks. These entry points are like welcome mats for pests, and moistures is a bug magnet. So, even though it's frustrating to do sometimes, take the time to seal these cracks and leaks.

Install door sweeps and/or thresholds at the base of your exterior doors. These additions to your home act as barriers and close off pest-sized gaps — preventing easy access.

These things are a given, but keep a clean and well-kept house, especially your outdoor landscaping and your kitchens. Trimming shrubs and cleaning up your food will significantly reduce the amount of bugs you have.

Should any bugs still manage to get inside your home, simply vacuum them up or capture them and release them outside. For added peace of mind, consider hiring a professional pest-proofing service to come out and fortify your home against Fall bug invaders. Many of these services come to your home quarterly to ensure year-long protection.

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