You can't walk five feet in the Gem State without running into someone from California or who has a story about California. We continue to see folks from California coming into Idaho searching for a better life. Idahoans often wonder how bad California is that so many folks leave the Golden State.

As we roll into March, our California friends have started to enforce new laws passed by their legislature and signed by Governor Gavin Newsom. Thanks to the work of Cal Matters and Townhall, we've constructed a list of several crazy California laws that should not be considered in Idaho. We aim to raise your awareness so that these laws never get a chance to be heard in the Idaho Legislature.

Is it a wonder why so many folks continue to leave the state of their birth? High taxes, liberal policies, and a state going broke are just a few reasons why folks are voting with their moving trucks. Did you see the story recently where California ran out of Uhaul trucks?  Let's take a look at these wild and crazy laws. (With apologies to Steve Martin.)


Check Out 6 Crazy California Laws

We do not need these laws in Idaho.

2023 Idaho Laws You Need To Know

Okay, well... some of these laws may not affect you but there are a few laws that we'll all notice right away. Let's take a look...

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