We’re all about beautiful and adventurous small towns here in Idaho, and we recently covered One of America's Coolest Mountain Towns in Idaho, but what town is the most “alive” during the winter season, especially when there’s snow?

While the chill of winter often keeps us indoors, this season opens the door to remarkable travel and outdoor experiences, especially in destinations like Sandpoint, according to an article from Only in Your State.

Sandpoint, Idaho

“There are many destinations throughout Idaho that come alive in the winter such as Sandpoint," claims Only in Your State, "this small town is where you can find outdoor opportunities galore, tasty places to eat, and family-friendly indoor destinations to warm you up. Sandpoint, Idaho is one winter destination that you don’t want to miss.”

Only in Your State | Farragut State Park | Facebook
Only in Your State | Farragut State Park | Facebook

Sandpoint's allure lies not only in its picturesque landscapes but also in the abundance of outdoor opportunities, and the town's backcountry is rated among the best in America winter sports, with an impressive average snowfall of 300 inches annually.

Snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling etc. If you can name a snow sport, it thrives in Sandpoint.

And not only are there thousands of acres and hundreds of trails for winter sports enthusiasts to explore, but there’s also a lot of amazing indoor things to do, too, making it a perfect getaway town in Idaho for people who would rather stay inside and eat and relax — lots of great restaurants and relaxing retreats.

As we rediscover the magic of Sandpoint in 2024, let its winter charm be your guide to a season filled with exploration, adventure, and the timeless beauty of a small town that truly comes alive when the snow falls.

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