Ammon Bundy has decided he will run as an independent for governor rather than run as a Republican.

The candidate made his announcement this morning in a release from his campaign.  His announcement leaves two conservatives Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin and Ed Humphreys in the primary race against incumbent Governor Brad Little.

Ammon Bundy for Governor Event

"On top of this the Idaho Republican establishment lead by Brad Little have put forth liberal, Democrat policies like increased welfare, meanwhile shoving the Republican Party platform of limited government, fiscal responsibility, and ending abortion in the garbage."

Ammon Bundy continued to expound on his decision to run as an independent which will allow him to be on the November ballot.  "Therefore, I am announcing that I will not be running in the Republican primary and instead will run as an Independent candidate. I am certain that by unifying Idahoans behind the actual Republican platform we can take back control of the Idaho government and restore the conservative values that have made Idaho such a great place to live."

The Idaho Governor's race is one of the hottest primary races in the country.  Governor Little began airing television commercials promoting his reelection Wednesday.  The governor's race has drawn national attention due to the sitting Republican governor verses the sitting Lieutenant Governor.

Ammon Bundy has continued to draw interest to his campaign.   A recent virtual town hall meeting this week drew over nine hundred attendees.  It will of of interest to see how the primary race is impacted with Bundy now running as an independent.

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