Ammon Bundy is living at his home in Emmett. He last left his home several weeks ago because court papers await him. The papers are from St. Luke's Health Systems, who are suing Mr. Bundy and others in civil court. The former Idaho gubernatorial candidate has fought the federal government, served time in federal prison, and earned his freedom.

Mr. Bundy was one of the few folks who protested the lockdown policies during the pandemic. He was not afraid to get arrested for believing the government had overreached. The Emmett resident now spends his days appearing on popular national streaming shows describing his situation and asking for help.


Unlike Nevada or Oregon, law enforcement is not surrounding Mr. Bundy's home. Idaho personnel will wait out the situation to serve Mr. Bundy with the papers from St. Luke's. The lack of escalation hasn't impacted the sense of urgency that has played out in other states.

Ammon Bundy Fight for Liberty

A look at Mr. Bundy's Crusades


Without a clear opponent, Mr. Bundy's supporters have failed to rally to his defense in significant numbers. (Editors note, flamboyant Idaho Statesman editorial writers have accused Mr. Bundy of trying to create his version of Ruby Ridge.)

Mr. Bundy should embrace the challenge presented to him in the civil case. For years he has helped others; it's hard to believe that folks wouldn't allow him to fight this case where it should be, in court.

Collin Raye and Ammon Bundy

Country Music Star Collin Ray performs in Emmett, Idaho for Ammon Bundy.

Ammon Bundy for Governor Event


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