For the most part, Idaho’s license plates haven’t changed much since 1991. It’s no secret that the first numbers and letters on each standard plate indicate which county the vehicle is registered in. The question is, when you see them on the road how many of these counties can you identify correctly? 


According to the Idaho State Historical Society, the current county numbering system has been in place since 1945. In 1932 and 1933, the state used a straight numerical system alongside the letters A, B, H, K and R. It changed slightly in 1934 when the state changed the letter B to a P. Come 1945, the state changed to the current system that places a numeral before the first letter in a county’s name.

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The red, white and blue, mountain backdrop plates that we know today were first introduced in 1991. They originally featured a pine tree, but the tree was removed in 1997.

In the Treasure Valley, almost everyone knows that 1A plates mean a driver from Ada County and a 2C driver is from Canyon County, but do you think you can match the other 42 county codes with their proper location? Scroll through the gallery to find out just how good you really are!

Are You Smart Enough to Correctly Identify All of These Idaho License Plates?

Idaho has been using this county coding system for their license plates since 1945. Outside of 1A and 2C, how many of these counties can you correctly identify by their license plates?

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