This shouldn't come as a surprise to any of us... Idaho was the fastest growing state in the nation between 2019-2020. Places like Kuna, Nampa, Eagle and Meridian were all in the top 8 fastest growing cities in America according to the census. At some point we all start to wonder how long the growth is going to continue. It's gotten so bad that there is currently a lumber shortage in Idaho. Is that a sign that things will start to slow down? or does that just cause the demand to increase based on the projected lower supply?

We the residents obviously have a lot of questions and issues with all the growth and while we in general feel like the quality of life in the Treasure valley is diminishing as the population continues to increase the fact is that for outsiders this is an opportunity for a better quality of life. Our downgrade is their upgrade. The bad news for us is that there seems to be no slowing down the growth. According to this article the City of Trees becoming "the next hot spot in the Bay Area tech exodus." Boise is prime for the picking. This is an interesting perspective because it's from SFGATE, a news website based in San Francisco. We like to look at things through our pair of eyes but we tend to not see it from theirs.

"Tech newcomers see Boise as a city for those in pursuit of balance," states the article above. The writer gives us further perspective by saying "California’s relative proximity to Boise, Boise’s affordability and, perhaps most of all, the growing appeal that Boise has among the tech class."

I know this doesn't make it any easier to deal with the change but maybe with a little understanding we can keep Boise kind.

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