Joe Biden called Kamala Harris to ask her to be his vice president and she made him wait.  That's not a good sign for the Biden/Harris ticket as they begin the last few months of campaigning for the White House.  The media has proclaimed the Harris pick historic and many believe she'll be a difference maker.

However, what has Harris accomplished?  Her run for the White House was so bad she bailed on the campaign last year.  Despite spending a ton of money and bashing Joe Biden, Harris flopped on the trail.  You can watch her call out ole Joe right here.

Harris comes to the campaign with a lot of baggage.  You can read about her rise to power under the tutelage of Willie Brown.  You can read about their unique partnership here.  

Now that the Democrats have their ticket it will be nonstop till election day.  We'll see if Harris helps Biden to the victory or follows him to defeat.

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