In an unexpected twist of events last night, a car crashed through a wall near Five Mile and Curtis in Boise, and it has quickly become "community viral" on a local Facebook group.

Unfortunately, cars crashing through walls in the Boise area is not a unique event anymore, as it happens more often than any of us would like to admit. However, this particular crash was definitely unique, mainly because of the location of the incident...

The wall that the vehicle crashed through is actually a mural of an airplane. The collision, while truly an unfortunate event, has turned into a lighthearted viral conversation in our community with hundreds of locals leaving humorous comments such as, "Boise driver drinks Red Bull before playing chicken with a fighter jet!"

Roanna S. | Treasure Valley Crime & Community on Facebook
Roanna S. | Treasure Valley Crime & Community on Facebook

Local authorities were quick to respond and have since blocked off the area for safety. According to many people in the post's comments, this isn't the first time people have driven into this wall, some saying they know of at least 3 others times vehicles have crashed here.

Regardless, the incident prompted an outpouring of humor and creativity across various social media platforms, with many playfully speculating about the driver's thoughts and how this may have happened; Begging the question... is it good or bad to laugh about this?

Certainly, the number of crazy accidents like this in the Treasure Valley is not okay, and we hope everyone involved in this specific situation is doing well, but it is a little funny when you sift through the 400+ comments about this on Facebook.

And maybe that mural will be re-done someday? Continue scrolling to see the 15 counties in Idaho with the most car crashes.

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